Chinese nurses interested in studies at TUAS

Wider career options and the good reputation of Finnish education. These are the main motivators for Chinese nurses who want to study at TUAS.

Altogether, 12 nurses participated in the introductory course to studies at TUAS, organised in November in China. The intensive period gave the participants an idea of the nature of nursing in Finland as well as Finnish language and culture.

The nurses were also interviewed and tested for their suitability for studies in Finland.

“All the candidates were highly motivated, says Tiina Nurmela,” senior lecturer in nursing. If all goes as planned, the group will start their studies at TUAS in autumn 2016.


Easier integration through preparation

The applicants are already qualified as nurses in China. However, the Bachelor’s degree from TUAS would allow them to work also, for example, in Europe. Another motivation for the applicants is the high quality of Finnish education, also well known in China.

Before their arrival to Finland, the nurses will attend a longer preparatory programme, which will last for six months. This will introduce the students to the Finnish way of studying, which can be quite different from what they are used to.

“We hope this will make it easier for them to integrate at TUAS and in Finnish society,” explains Tiina Nurmela.


Sanna Merisalo, Specialist in International Affairs

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