Our Sailor: Juha Kontio

I’m the dean of the faculty of Business, ICT and Chemical Engineering. I have a Ph.D. in business and economics in information systems. I’m a Council member of the international CDIO network.

I live in Salo with my wife and two boys. I’m a little less than 50 years old. My freetime goes into volleyball training, games, tournaments, and other club activities. I keep myself fit by running and physical training. If any time is left after these activities, I just enjoy home life!

What was your dream job as a child?

I don’t remember my dream profession, but after high school I was strongly committed to going to the University of Jyväskylä for sport management studies. The entrance exams had the same practical parts as the PE teachers had. One of the parts had something to with dancing and rhythm—that was it; goodbye sport management studies!

The three best things about Turku University of Applied Sciences?

Great motivated people
Good connections to working life
Multidisciplinary education

What will TUAS be like in 2030?

We will be one of the strong existing Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. We will have campuses on three continents. Our pedagogical model and working life connections will be world famous.

Last summer you were appointed as a Council member of the international CDIO network, the purpose of which is to develop engineering education globally. What are the benefits for TUAS being part of the CDIO network?

The CDIO approach has provided new perspectives to education development. It has provided a framework for continuous improvement. The CDIO approach has supported and has provided concrete tools for innovation pedagogy implementation, too. Our membership in CDIO has given us a lot of good collaboration partners, it has provided us with a lot of visibility in the network, our activities are benchmarked and our experiences are listened to. In addition, we have a chance to learn from over 100 other universities providing engineering education with the CDIO approach. Next summer we all have a chance to learn more about CDIO at the 12th international CDIO conference in Turku ( ).

The best book you have read and the best movie you have seen?

My favorite film is Dead Poet’s Society. I don’t want to name a favorite book, rather I’ll give you three favorite crime authors: Henning Mankell, Jo Nesbö and Peter Robinsson. The main characters in their books (Kurt Wallander, Harry Hole and Alan Banks) have got my attention!

What is the purpose of life?

Enjoy and live longer!

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Paul Pietilä

The writer is a student-assistant at TUAS’ Communications Services


Paul Pietilä

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