We are enough

We live in a world that seems to be changing faster and more profoundly than ever before. Digitalisation, mass migration, continuous natural disasters and the increasing growth of our human population are shaping our world in a direction never experienced before. In all this turmoil there is only one key piece that is not evolving at speed, each individual human.

We simple human beings are pretty much the same as our ancestors. We know a lot more, we are much more experienced in living in close proximity with our fellow beings, but our hearts, minds and other organs do not differ from those of the Ancient Greeks or hunter-gatherers from the savannas. We represent history within the modern world, we are the analogue part of a digital machine.

Thinking of this dualism, it is not a mystery that we experience anxieties when coping with our surroundings. The problems seem huge and overpowering for all of us from time to time. I would absolutely love to be able to stop wars, end famine, provide clean water for everyone and stop earthquakes and hurricanes at their birth—but I cannot. I can only feel my insignificance when facing these kinds of challenges.

However, thankfully there is a solution: co-operation. I am small but we are gigantic when we work together. Even though history is often written as “His Story”, i.e. the story of successful men, that paints the wrong picture for all of us. History has actually been made by enormous numbers of people working as teams for the same purposes. Even if I cannot solve the world’s problems, we can.

At Turku University of Applied Sciences, we have defined in our strategy that we want to be an inspiring community. It also means that we want to inspire each other, but, more importantly, it means that we want to inspire and be inspired by our partners and those we co-operate with. We want to be an active player with our neighbours, an integral part of society in making our region a better place for all of us. That is the only justification for our existence and so we take it very seriously. We are here so that we can all face a brave new future together, standing relaxed and with a welcoming smile on our faces.


Vesa Taatila, Rector and President

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