How will I change the world?

Three TUAS students in financial and insurance services are about to start a company which works in the field of benefiting student loans. Joonas Veikkola (JV, on the right), Jussi Tammi (JT, in the middle) and Rasmus Rantanen (RR, on the left) answered our questions about the future. 


What are your dreams?

JV: Have a money bin like Scrooge McDuck and world peace. Achieve success in all aspects of life.

JT: My dream is to run a successful business by turning my own ideas and hard work into positive cash flow.

RR: My dream is to become financially independent. Basically, that means having enough passive income to fully cover all of my living expenses and then some. Financial independence enables me to use my time any way I want.


What kind of possibilities does your education offer you?

JV: It opens some doors and I’d say that Turku University of Applied Sciences offers me a better starting point than some other smaller educational facilities.

JT: Education here at TUAS offers reasonable possibilities for the future, but I have to also work outside the classroom in order to achieve what I want.

RR: In the world of business, it’s still very important to have some kind of a document as proof of your capabilities and school can offer you that.


How will you change the world?

JV: I’m certain I will change the world, but I’m not sure how or in what direction.

JT: I don’t think I need to change the world in any way. There will be people who suit that role better.

RR: Hopefully, I will be able to teach people more about financial management, and help them accumulate wealth and prosperity.


Satu Haapala, Communications Leader


Niko Prusi

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